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"Without creativity, there would be no progress..." —Edward de Bono

From book design to a variety of writing, editorial, art, and graphic design services, EditWriteDesign provides clients with as little or as much assistance as they need to create their vision and reach their goals.

About the owner

For more than a decade, Dehanna has helped authors with the production of their fiction, nonfiction, and illustrated titles, some of which were able to obtain award-winning status and a few that earned placement on store shelves (including one chain grocery store).

In the past, her work in the publishing industry has been recommended and/or recognized by notable sources such as SPAWN, Fern Reiss, Dan Poynter, Preditors and Editors, Published.com, U-publish, and Writers Digest Magazine.

She also provides a selection of other editorial, art, and graphic design services to both local individuals and businesses. For more information on what she offers, click here to check out her services page.


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Previous clients have ranged from anywhere between seasoned professionals to new authors and entrepreneurs, and have been based both nationally and internationally. Just check out what a few of them have had to say:






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