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Thinking about Self-publishing?

But not sure how to prepare your manuscript--or even where to start?

Don't worry! Whether it's step-by-step guidance for newer authors unfamiliar with the process and terminology, or fast, professional service to those who already know what they need, EWD is ready to help you create!!

But why use EWD?

Well, most self-publishing authors have three choices--they can either:

1. Do everything themselves

2. Have a “self publishing company” do it for them

3. Or hire an independent designer like EWD

What’s the Difference?

option I

While this will give you full control of your product, you’ll need to be able understand the technical requirements of the printer as well as be able to use the necessary programs to layout and construct both the interior and cover files to meet those requirements.

There will be a large investment in time if you have to figure things out on your own plus, if you do not own the programs, you’ll have to purchase them as well (and this upfront expense doesn't even include the revision fees and aggravation that may be involved for files that may be submitted incorrectly or accidentally misprinted products).

Option II

This option is a more “hands off” approach to self-publishing. How it works is that you basically pick a “package” from a service provider and send in your manuscript for processing.

With this option you are often limited as to what your product looks like in the end--unless you go for one of the more expensive options--and because you are not the “publisher,” most likely you will only retain a percentage of the profit that the book makes.

You also often can't keep the ISBN that is used, so if you decide to republish with a new company or on your own later, you have to start back from the ground floor once again.

Option III

This is more like “real self-publishing” in where you’ll still be able to customize and control your title as much (or little) as you want; however, with this method, you'll be able to keep the majority (or all) of the profit. You won’t have to worry about the “technical stuff,” much less have to learn any new programs, and/or try to understand the printer’s specifications. And you'll pay only for those services you need (which is often less than what the competitors charge).

But what's best is that with EWD, you won’t be treated like "just another account” for you will have personalized, timely service and a direct phone number for any questions or immediate concerns you have.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, then feel free to contact me at staff@ editwritedesign.com.

I'd love the opportunity to discuss your project!





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